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What are Pre-Orders ? An item that is expected to be produced and released in the future. Typically 6-9 months  after the offer date. All Pre-Orders are polled for 2-3 weeks (manufacturer provides due dates) and orders must be received prior to the due date to ensure your order is allocated.

Why do Pre-Order items shows as $0 in my cart ? We do not charge until the item is ready for shipment. To do this we put the items price in the title and bill you $0 at checkout. We will reach out via email when the item is ready for delivery and ask for payment. We do not hold payment information on Pre-Orders to protect your privacy.

Why don't I see an item I want that's available for Pre-Order in the store ? We either have not added the item (contact us and we will add it quickly for you if the item is still available to order), or it's no longer available to order/we are sold out.

When are payments due for Pre-Order items ? We will reach out when we have been notified of shipment (typically a week before we are expected to receive the item). We will request payment via PayPal or through our secure credit card processor. Payment is due within 48 hours. The item will ship to you with tracking within 2 business days following settlement of payment.

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